Mercury Studs Turquoise
Mercury Studs Turquoise

Mercury Studs Turquoise

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These studs represent the symbol for the god and planet Mercury.  Mercury is usually depicted with a winged hat and a staff with two interwoven serpents.  I plan on wearing these babies every time Mercury is in retrograde, and who are we kidding....lots of other times.

Studs are one of a kind and ready to ship!

The Roman God Mercury was one of the twelve major deities.  He is the god of communication, financial gain, eloquence, travelers, messages, boundaries, luck, thieves and trickery.  Mercury would take messages from the gods to mortals and back.  People associate Mercury with the arts. Mercury also protected merchants. 

The Chinese name for Mercury translates to water-silver. In ancient China, Mercury was used to healing fractures, maintaining good health, and prolonging life. (It's now known to be poisonous)