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My name is Lily Melton and I am the Owner | Designer | Creator | One Woman Show behind The Pointed Arrow.  Throughout my life I have done every creative thing under the sun but was ultimately captivated by metalsmithing.

It's a perfect mix of science and art. Each piece must be meticulously planned out for it to come together smoothly.  However, even with all that planning each piece turns out beautifully unique. I may make several of a certain style, but no two are ever exactly alike. 

Because of this intricate and intimate process I think of each piece of my jewelry as a talisman. A special treasure that can help you get through your day when you need that extra boost. When I wear a piece of jewelry I believe it gathers experience and wisdom as I do.  Often folks will want to buy something directly off me if I don’t have it in stock and I can never bring myself to do it. Even if I can make that same piece again it won’t be mine. It hasn’t travelled with me, helped me through a tough day, or been warmed in the heat of my hands. 

I find great joy in watching people find their talisman. Their special piece. When you see yours you will know….it will speak to you.